Waiting till payday to get paid? This Startup is changing that

About 100 years ago, people started getting paid on a particular day for the work they’ve done – what we now call payday. Ever since then we’ve had Apple, Google, Uber, and Tesla, but nothing’s changed with the way we get paid. You still have to wait for your payday to get paid and you can’t gain access to that money you’ve worked for until that day!!

That joyful moment when your bank account gets that injection of cash you’ve worked so hard for. The most anticipated days of the year other than Xmas and other public holidays are paydays. And for some strange reason, that day always seems to feel like it’s so far away.

It’s crazy to think we’ve been living in a world where we get paid on a particular day each week, fortnight or month and that’s been going on for longer than 100 years!! Why can’t every day be payday?

Everything else has changed, we can now order a taxi with the click of a button and have it arrive in less than 2 minutes!! Why can’t we get paid quicker? 

The problem here is, more than 70% of the nation is living paycheck to paycheck and most don’t have savings to fall back on. So if times get tough, the only thing you can fall back on our high-interest credit cards or even worse, payday loans that charge 50% – 150% of the loan amount. 

This leads to even more financial stress, with more than 2.4 million Australians suffering from financial difficulties and most falling back on payday loans to hold them till they get paid. 

We think it’s about time to change the way people gain access to money they’ve already worked for. If you worked today, then you should have the ability to get paid what you’ve earned, or at least a portion of it if you need it.

Cheq is an app that enables you to get instant access to cash based on days you’ve worked. Simply download the app and go to work as per usual. When you finish work for the day you can use Cheq to instantly get paid a portion of your pay for the day. On your payday, Cheq deducts the cash paid out to you plus a small transaction fee, no interest or administration fees. The app also helps you take control of your financial situation by predicting your upcoming bills, and automatically creating budgets for you based on your previous spending.

It takes less than a minute to sign up to start using Cheq. Download the app here to make every day your payday!

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