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Say goodbye to paydays spend smarter, and create a budget, effortlessly! Get started in less than 2 minutes.

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Payday, meet Cheq

Cheq gives you instant access to money you’ve earned at work. The app also uses the latest technology to help you be better off. Go on, give your self a high-five

1. Go to work

Cheq uses location data to determine your working hours. You can also submit timesheets of your day’s work

2. Request your pay

Cash out up to $300 of your pay, instantly deposited into your bank, lightning fast

3. Easy payback

On your next pay day, we deduct the amounts you cashed out + a 5% fixed transaction fee. No interest or hidden fees

Numbers speak louder than words...

See how Cheq's fixed transaction fee stacks up against "payday" lenders

Repayment amount
Payday Lenders$76

Cash out your pay the same day you work, instantly!

Cash out a portion of your pay when you finish work. Cheq deposits your pay instantly, within 60 seconds!! Now that's fast!

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The app that automatically creates your Budget, so you don’t have to

Cheq analyses your historical spending habits to automatically create a Budget made just for you, and don't worry, we'll keep you updated with smart notifications.

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Take the guess work out and know how you're spending at a glance

Cheq gives your bank a brain. The app categorises your transactions and predicts your upcoming bills, then alerts you if you go overboard.

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We're on a mission to change this...

Pay cycles hold back money you've earned

Traditional pay cycles make you wait for your pay. Cheq makes every day your pay day!

High interest payday loans are unfair

Payday loans charge 50% - 120% in interest & fees! We think that's daylight robbery

Budgeting is hard, and we get it

Cheq analyses your historic spending to automatically create a budget tailored just for you

Secure & Private

When it comes to your security, there's no room to compromise. We use Bank-grade security to protect your data. Our system is as secure as a vault!

Helpful Support

We got humans on hand! Got any questions or problems? Or just have some feedback for us? We'd love to hear from you. Chat with one of our humans directly on this website or email us!

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